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A Guide To Freelance Writing: Composing Travel Articles

There are may niches to freelance writing that you can make a name for yourself within. One of the most appealing of these is travel writing. The following are just a few of the benefits you will receive if you choose this option:

  • The chance to see the world on someone else’s dime
  • A career that you can be proud of
  • Almost unlimited earning potential

With these advantages, you can be forgiven for wanting to dive into the industry right away. Before you give it a try, here are some steps you can take to make you more likely to succeed:

Visit a few places

There are far too many people out there who are willing to pretend that they know things when they do not. In some fields this is simple but the one you are considering entering does not fit that mold. If you are a very good fiction writer by nature you might just be able to convince people that you have visited certain places by reading the brochures. There may be a hint or two in your descriptions, however.

Take pictures

Sometimes when you are in an unfamiliar place, a few key details can become faded in your memory after a while. Take pictures with a high quality camera if possible but even low quality photos are better than nothing for jogging your memory.

Make friends

Knowing people from foreign countries gives you a special insight into how things are done there. They can take you to the less often frequented destinations that only a real insider would know abut. When you can add these into your articles, the readers senses something different about your work.

Get to know the publications you want to work with

Many different websites and magazines have need of freelancers to create pieces about traveling. The more you know about them, the better you can position yourself to be hired.

Decide on a specialty

There are many different types of destinations. You could just as easily become a generalist and take yourself all over the world but as a specialist you have the potential to earn more. Focus on cruise ships or jungle adventures or whatever appeals to you most. This gets your name recognized in the industry over time.

While it is clear that some groundwork is needed in the beginning, this task is one area of freelancing which will always keep you entertained.