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Where To Get Interesting And Profitable Jobs For Poets And Writers

It is a fact that there are several thriving and upcoming poets and writers out there but they are being discouraged with the impression that not very much money can be made being a poet or writer. While this is partially true, some poets and writers have been able to earn consistent income by landing profitable jobs that allow them do two things – write poetry and earn from doing so. On this note, you no longer have to limit yourself to only working for college-affiliated publications that pay next to nothing.

If you want to be paid what your skills are worth, then here are tips on where to get interesting and profitable jobs as a poet or a writer. Here are the tips:

  • Work With Greeting Card Companies: This is the first source that would appreciate your poetic skills. You may have received one or more greeting cards and truthfully, those touching words you read from them were actually written by humans, not robots. Even though you might not be paid much at the initial stage, you can earn more over time. What more, you will be indulging in an activity that thrills you and at the same time, getting some bucks for it.
  • Apply To Be A Teacher: Yes, getting employed in a school might just be the right way to earn money as a poet and writer. Your love for literature would spur you onto helping students build and improve on their poetic skills or abilities. Whether in high school or college, you can earn reasonable income teaching poetry.
  • Start A Blog: This invariably means becoming self-employed penning poetic thoughts. You can advertise your services through several online sources. You can write poetic words for wedding days, mother’s day or any other special day. A lot of people out there would not mind to pay for personalized and well-crafted poems.
  • Apply To Recording Companies: As a poet, you can venture into song writing in order to make money from what you love doing. It is not every musician that has the ability to write his or her own songs. This is where you come in – as a songwriter. If you prove to be reliable and very creative, then you would take the music world by storm and become a household name.

Apart from the above tips, you should also not take local networking for granted. When you mix up with other people, they get to know what you can do and this is where you will marvel at the power of word of mouth. If you need to get started earning money as a poet or writer, then you should try out this agency.