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A Brief Introduction To Freelance Music Writing

The music industry is constantly changing; so when you are considering a freelance career that is focused on writing about music, it is important to understand the complexity and nuances of the art. People who read about music love the industry, so freelancers who try to fake their pieces are quickly called out by critics. When you want to freelance in the music industry, here are a few tips to help you succeed:

  • - Learn the language. All of the different subcategories of the music industry has specific terminology. Unfortunately for freelancers, that terminology is continually changing. This means that you need to follow the top bloggers and reporters so you can keep up with the evolving language. In many cases, the language changes because of the top artists in each genre, so it is important to follow the leaders in the industry, too.
  • - Listen to music. If you are going to write about music, you should listen to it. Trying to write about music without listening to it does a disservice to those who read your writing. If you do not listen to the music you are writing about, you cannot offer any unique ideas. Your readers will quickly recognize that you are faking it.
  • - Go local. Some of the most interesting music pieces are about local bands that have yet to be discovered. No matter where you live, there will be people in your community who want to know about the newest and most exciting local musicians. Go to their concerts and write about what you see, hear and experience. Freelancing about live music can be an exciting way to get your work to a real audience.
  • - Practice. As with every skill, practicing will make you better. Find people you trust who will give you honest feedback so you can learn from your practice pieces. It is better to make your mistakes while you are practicing than when you are writing pieces for publication.
  • - Specialize.It can be difficult to understand every type of music, so you might want to consider specializing in a genre. Maybe you write about hip-hop or classic rock, or maybe you specialize in the music scene of a large city. By specializing, you will better understand the terminology, the artists, and the evolution of your genre. Your readers will appreciate what you have to say when you are knowledgeable about a certain type of music.