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Best Freelance Writing Jobs: How To Find And Get One

Freelance writing jobs come in all shapes and sizes. There are writers who make so little money that they would financially be better off begging or working for minimum wage at a fast food joint. Other writers maintain lavish lifestyles off of their work. As a new writer you may become aware of this disparity and be unsure of how to end up on the right side of it. Here are some methods you can use to attain those higher paying jobs:

  • - Be one of the best
  • There are terrible writers out there whose work is barely worth the pittance it gets in payment. IF you want to earn the larger payments, it has to be clear that you’re worth it. Write frequently. Learn to edit and proofread your own work. Ask for helpful tips from more seasoned writers and most importantly, read the writing of some of the most prolific and well paid freelancers out there. These will all make you stronger as a writer. Start with entry-level freelance ghostwriting jobs and then upgrade your skills to a professional level.

  • - Check out academic writing sites
  • If you have high level academic qualifications you can parlay these into an academic writing career. Companies pay large sums for writers who can write high quality essays, dissertations and theses for students in need of help.

  • - Consider Resume Writing companies
  • Resumes are essential to acquiring many desirable jobs. Some people are well qualified for a position but lack the writing abilities to show themselves in the best light in their resume. You can work for a company that creates the resumes for such people. Because of the specialised knowledge of human resource terminology needed to do this job, you can expect higher pay than someone who writes bulk content for instance.

  • - Blog
  • Blogging can help you make money as a freelance writer in two main ways. Firstly, it can give you income through advertising if you monetize your blog. All this requires is for you to write quality blog posts regularly and engage in marketing to drive traffic to your blog. It helps to have an understanding of SEO techniques as well. Secondly, your blog can show potential clients what you’re made of and even get you known as an authority in your chosen field. As a known name, higher paying jobs will come to you.

By checking out these sources and following the listed tips, you can save yourself some of the agony of low paying freelance work.