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A Guide For The Freelance Story Writer: How To Find The Best Jobs

The popularity of freelance writing services grows with every day. This is ideal – you can be connected to any professional all over the world and you don’t even have to cross your doorstep. With this tendency there are hundreds more jobs available on the writing market every day. The problem now is how to select the job among all that will be most profitable and at the same time less time and effort consuming. Sounds like ideal and impossible? Check out our guide and you will always get the best jobs there could be!

  1. 1. Develop your own price range.
  2. Though most of your clients will not let you decide the price for the piece of writing you provide, you still need to have your own requirements and never go lower than that. Calculate your needed wage, for example, per hour or per page of writing. Always check if the job you are about to take is not lower than your expected wage.

  3. 2. Calculate effort vs. price ratio.
  4. If you decide to measure your income per page of work, assess the job before you take it. There is a possibility that you will need to make a whole lot of work before you actually start writing. Make sure the effort you spend on the project is well covered and never take the jobs that you think are underpriced.

  5. 3. Write only on familiar topics.
  6. Do not take a job unless you are absolutely sure you can complete it as it is. If you are not closely familiar with the subject you are about to take, you can risk spending a lot of time on this paper – much more than you would spend on a known one.

  7. 4. Maintain your rating.
  8. If you are working for one and the same company and do not take multiple jobs that come from different websites, you need to make sure the company knows you as a good writer. Complete only the jobs you are confident in a good quality of. Always be on time.

  9. 5. Work with your returned clients.
  10. If the company gives you such possibility, work with the clients you were able to satisfy in the past. First of all, you already know what writing style they expect from you and if you completed the paper easily last time, you most likely won’t be having any problems with it this time as well.