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How To Write A Freelance Photography Resume Useful Tricks To Keep In Mind

If you have decided to look for work as a freelance photographer then congratulations, you are on your way to doing something you like and have a passion for but you still need a calling card and that is a photography resume. There are tricks and tips you can use when creating this composite of your photography experience and here are just a few that will help to sell your skills.

Build a written resume of experiences

While you are trying to find a job as a photographer you will also need to highlight your skills and areas of expertise, and this is where a resume is most helpful. A resume will highlight everything from your background experiences and education to your hobbies and extracurricular activities. These areas are important because when you work as a photographer, you do not just want to get casual snapshots of a subject, you are creating small works of art that people will want to purchase.

Experience highlights

There is a reason that background experiences are particularly important when working as a photographer. These reasons are that people are looking for different levels of understanding when a photographer is shooting their subjects. For example, shooting fast action sporting events requires skill and knowledge of the event to create the perfect shot. Without this knowledge your pictures will turn out poorly and will not sell.

Build a photo resume of top shots

The next area that is essential to selling your skills as a photographer is to put together a composite of your top shots. These shots will be your best work including any references to publications that may have used your works. These shots must include samples within your specialty area and help you to demonstrate your proficiency within the field and how you capture your subjects within the image. Additionally, if you have a large portfolio you can include a link to the portfolio online where potential clients can go to review your work.

Working as a freelance photographer is a rewarding field allowing you to work in an area you are passionate about and meet a variety of different people. By developing a resume of your experiences and a portfolio of your best work, you will be on your way to a successful freelance photography career with a photography resume.