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Trustworthy Sources With Freelance Writer Jobs Online

Freelance writing seems to be an interesting prospect for many people. The kind of flexibility freelance work offers cannot be achieved in any job. If writing is something that you wish to do for a living, a freelance career may be just right for you. The important points to consider before you jump in are:

  • - Do you write well?
  • - Is writing your passion?
  • - How do you rate yourself in vocabulary and grammar?
  • - Do you have experience in writing and publishing your work?
  • - Do you manage your time well?
  • - Do you have something else to fall back on if freelance writing does not pan out for you?

These questions do not sound great to the ear, but they need to be considered and answered. Once you are certain that you can handle doing freelance work, and that you have the requisite skills for such a job, you can go ahead and do the harder job: Find work!

Finding freelance work is both easy and hard. You will find hoards of jobs listed on many sites that act as platforms for employers and freelancers to meet. This shows that there is no dearth of writing jobs. Go to any job in the listing and see how many writers have placed a bid for it. This will show you that freelancers are falling on top of each other to get jobs. It is a tough, competitive market. Getting your first job is one of the hardest things you would have done in your life. Another problem that freelance writers (especially beginners) frequently face is that of fraud. A number of jobs on every site will have unscrupulous employers, who may not pay you after getting the work done. However, do not lose heart. Many good platforms you can use are more secure than others are.

To decide whether a source of job listings can be trusted you should:

  • - Look at their policies and registration procedures.
  • - Check if there are penalties associated with non-payment by employers (or shoddy work by freelancers).
  • - Email the administrators to learn more.
  • - Some platforms are great and are popular, these are also likely to be, ore secure.

Other than web-based platforms that charge a percentage on what you earn, you can also look into less thought-of sources:

  1. 1. Online magazines: This can work really well if you have credentials. Write to a magazine that caters to your audience and see if they entertain freelancers.
  2. 2. Academic writing agencies: If you are good in academic writing, this can be your thing!
  3. 3. Technical writing opportunities e.g. software houses, video game developers etc.
  4. The sources listed above pay better than any platform of freelance work. The reason is simple: Freelancing platforms are an open market.