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Successful Way To Become A Freelance Writer.

Guide On How To Get A Freelance Job Writing For Magazines

As entertaining as freelancing can be for the newcomer writer, there is much to be said for the stability of a regular job. The holy grail for many is the ability to write for a prestigious magazine. Here is a brief guide that can show you how to attain this goal:

  • Decide what type of magazine you’d like to write for
  • This is a great first step because the decision you come to here will affect how you should implement all of the remaining steps. Are you a pet lover? Do you find software or programming fascinating? Every field has it’s own publication. You must choose what appeals to you most.

  • Learn how to write
  • Being literate is rarely enough to catch the eye of a major publication. You will need to be entertaining and have a fair knowledge of grammatical rules. These may be bent a little but you must only do so for effect. Take a writing course or brush up on your skills on your own if you feel capable.

  • Put together a good portfolio
  • You need to have something to present to those who you wish to impress. The rule of thumb was once that a writer would have a portfolio of work. That is still true but the most important element is often the writer’s own blog. Being able to write a blog that attracts regular traffic shows potential employers what you may be able to do for them.

  • Make a list of the magazines that are hiring
  • Having decided from step one the type of writing you want to do, you should find the publications that fit the bill and are looking for fresh faces. You can do a web search and get some of this information pretty easily.

  • Write personalized letters to each one
  • The word ‘letter’ is used loosely here. It will probably be an email. Whatever format you use, this communication serves as an introduction for you. Make sure it is exceptionally well written because it is supposed to make the reader want you to write even more. It must be tailored to each publication to show that you are serious and pay attention to what they do. Generic cover letters say you don’t care.

Even if you start small, these steps can take you to more professional writing.