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How To Get The Best Freelance Writing Jobs: A Guide For Dummies

Do you feel like it is almost impossible to earn a living as a freelance writer? There are many writers who think like this and some are even contemplating on giving up their writing dreams. The problem is that they don’t have a clue on how to get the best freelance writing jobs. It’s really simple, and here are a few tips you could use if you happen to share the same thoughts.

Find a Niche Job Board

If you are always looking at mass freelance writing job boards just like tens of thousands of other freelance writers, then it’s time to stop. Instead of competing with other writers on mass job boards, find some niche freelance writing job boards that fewer freelance writers get to see, with jobs that not all writers can do. For example, you can consider some job boards with business-finance writing gigs offered by marketing consultancy firms. You can also consider writing for firms that put out media and healthcare writing job alerts.

Such exclusive writing job listings will obviously take some little sleuthing to find as they are mostly on professional association websites or in the back pages of industry trade publications. However, it will be worth all the effort because the quality of jobs on offer is often worlds apart from what you get on mass job boards.

Ask Around

Another tip on how to get the best writing jobs is to visit some writer networking events or join a writer listing service in your local area. Attending some writer networking events is a great way to learn about markets in your area and also good places to get referrals. This is especially the case for local markets as other writers in your area can be the best source of getting the real dirt about the business. Find these types of forums and participate either in-person or virtually.

Think Big

Rather than wasting time guessing on which client might pay an attractive rate, conduct some research to identify some prospective markets that pay really well. Keep in mind the fact that most writing jobs are rarely advertised since the editor or business owner is often too overwhelmed to write an advert or go through resumes. The most useful advice on how to get the best freelance writing jobs is to tap into the large pool of unseen demand for writers. Look for established organizations like WriteZillas rather than small online startups that often lack financial muscle.