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Where To Search For Interesting Freelance Writing Jobs: A Piece Of Advice

In recent years, the number of people looking to develop a career as a freelance writer has increased dramatically. One of the main reasons for this is that the Internet has provided many more opportunities for potential writers. Firstly, the Internet itself is made up of a vast amount of content, all of which needs to be written by someone. Of course, much of it will be written by individuals who have created their own websites; however, a great deal of content will be written by professional writers.

Equally, as well as providing the need for a great deal of content, the Internet also makes it very easy for potential writers to find work. In fact, numerous freelance websites have been developed in recent years, with a handful of major websites dominating the market. As a result, many potential writers will look to these major websites, but also some of the smaller ones that are available, in order to find most of their writing opportunities.

Of course, these are not the only websites where individuals can find work, as regular job listings will also include potential opportunities for writers. However, rather than looking for job opportunities that have been posted either online or in printed media, there is another way of finding interesting writing jobs.

Sourcing clients privately

Whether you wish to write various articles for newspapers and other publications, or you would like to write content for websites, brochures and a wide range of other requirements for various businesses, it is possible to find opportunities by contacting clients directly, even if they haven’t posted a job listing stating that they require a writer.

In fact, this approach can prove to be very lucrative. Whilst you will generally require far more motivation in order to look for and develop clients in the first place, once you do find people who are interested, they are often more likely to pay better rates than the kind of clients that you’ll find on freelance websites.

In order to have success with this approach, you will need to research any company, newspaper or other individual that you wish to contact. As part of your research you should aim to understand what it is that they do, and why it is that they might need a writer. You can then write a job proposal based on any requirements that you have identified, and explain how it is that you will be out to help them.