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How To Get Freelance Short Story Writing Jobs: Vital Advice

Short story writing is by far one of the hardest niches within the freelance world. What makes it so difficult for so many people is that they have to develop everything themselves - from the plot, to the characters, to the conclusion. It cannot just be researched and written factually. There needs to be emotion present, along with a storyline that draws in the readers and keeps them entertained along the way. So if you have the imagination and the aptitude for writing short stories, here is some vital advice on how to get freelance jobs:

Where to look

This is obviously the most important factor. You need to be able to find a market that you can sell your writing to if you are looking to make decent money. Freelancer sites are a great place to look, especially when you are first starting out. Once you have completed a few jobs on these sites, your reputation will increase and open the doors to better opportunities.

Literary journals are a great market to tap that many people do not think of. Some of them do not pay for submissions while others do, but the experience will be invaluable in any case. Consumer magazines have limitless opportunities. Choose your area of expertise and visit the various magazine websites to check on their submission guidelines. Lastly, check out publishing houses for anthologies. The pay is usually not high but it will help you to build a compelling portfolio.

Build a portfolio

If you are new to the game, eventually someone will give you a chance but this can take some time. If you write for fun in your spare time, keep the best samples that you have to submit as examples of your work. This is essential because you will never get the higher paying jobs without sending in work that can be examined.

Don't under or over bid

Try to keep your bid amount on the project around the average of other job seekers. If you undercut the cheapest bid by too much, you look not only desperate but employers may think your work has no value. Overbidding makes you look pompous, and let's face it - you will not get many jobs.

Learn from the editors

When you get work back for revisions, look carefully at the remarks noted by the editors. This will give you an idea of what you need to improve upon for future projects.

Get references

Once you have completed a job, ask the employer if they will write you a reference. This will be invaluable help in getting new jobs.