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Where To Find Good Magazine Freelance Writing Opportunities

Freelance writing is riddled with too many opportunities; however, if you ask any freelancer what he loves most and he will mostly tilt towards creative blogging. This is a sphere which remains fresh and thus does not let you be bored.

An interesting concept

Writing for magazines is an interesting concept. There are different types of magazines; some technical, some creative and some fun oriented. They cover a whole lot of sectors from Politics to Sports; Cars to Fashion et al.

You can find numerous spaces to apply as a freelance writer for magazines. Here they come –

  • Connecting with magazines – Nowadays, the magazines come in both real and virtual folds. You may connect with the brick-and-mortar office and aspire to be one of their writers. Keep a few samples along with you in relation to what they publish and they may hire you if they find your work satisfactory.
  • Online work platform – You may also apply to their posts for requirement on online work platforms. You will straightaway be directed about the freelance necessities, payment status and deadlines to be answered and met. You will of course have to cut a plush profile to attract their attention. The cover letter follows.
  • Individual providers – You may also seek magazine writing opportunities on the search engine. There, you will find adverts from individuals acting on behalf of magazines asking for relevant freelance work. Yes, there is a question of credibility, but you will get the picture in a week or two.
  • Facebook appeal – You can post your desire to write for magazines on Facebook or through employment forums. The premise holds good for business media sites such as LinkedIn as well. There may be people either interested in the segment or holding enough grasp over your potential employers to turn the bun your side.

On your behalf

On your behalf, you should clearly identify the type of articles you may write and aspire accordingly. If you are more of a technical writer, post likewise. If you are into easy-breezy writing; post for similarly oriented magazines. Remain in your comfort zone at least for starters. This is the success motif of a freelance writer.

Make it a point

Also, you must remember that magazines get published at specific intervals. Deadlines are extremely important for them and you cannot miss it even by a day. Your articles should be passionate, articulate and biting. Make it a point to raise curiosity levels and sketch out a sequence of probing articles.