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Useful Advice On How To Get Job Writing Articles For A Magazine

Writing articles can be one of the best jobs for you. This is very convenient for many individuals, especially because you have a flexible schedule, and because you can basically work from anywhere. These 2 things combined can make up for a great job for some people. Getting work is not going to be so easy though. This field is packed with hundred of reader's eager to prove that they can do a great job, so making yourself "shine" will be quite hard, but don't worry, it will be possible. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when searching for a job.

  1. Websites. This is by far the first and the best place you can look for work. There are tons of magazines who have websites and who advertise online, and who announce things online before they do it on paper, so watching their website for any announcement about jobs will give you an upper hand because other people will find out the same information as you the next day when the magazine is printed. So this will give a time advantage which might just get you the job that you need.
  2. Advertise. You have to know how to seel your skills. Ok you are awesome in any style of writing. You have to know how to present to them the fact that you are awesome in every style of writing. I do not think they will just take your word for it. So make sure that you know how speak to them, you will have to present it in a professional, but fun way so you can show that you can combine the best of both and you are a complete writer, a logic and calm thinker while at the same time a very talented and excited artist.
  3. Papers. Always have a few examples you can present to them. Some work you already did on various subject regarding what they are presenting, or even something else (they might decide to implement your idea, which means more money for you ) so you can make sure that after all the chit chat you can say " You know what? Don't take my word for it.

Here, have a look." This will be final shot for them; it will blow them off their seats and will hire you in no time.