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A Good Strategy For Those Seeking Freelance Writing Jobs At Google

Google has revolutionized the Internet and made searching information on the web so easy. All you need to do is to type the keywords and press the search button. Information from a million sources will appear on your computer screen.

Are you hunting for freelancing writing jobs? Why not try Google? The major challenge, however, lies in the fact that Google has a lot of information. It may be a daunting task to get whatever you are looking for. However, there are few strategies that have proved helpful in the past. They include:

  1. Check out for freelance job networks
  2. There are several reputable and genuine freelance job networks that connect freelancers to companies. We have general freelance networks that allow freelancers to sign up for free and create an account. From there, the freelancers now have access to jobs that cover wide varieties of specialties.

    In addition, there are job boards that allow freelancers to search for the job and then contact the offering companies.

    Lastly, there are companies or individuals that need freelancers. They often advertise such positions on the Google platform.

  3. Swim in a smaller pool
  4. With the many freelance writers, a new and experienced writer may miss out on many opportunities. Instead of looking for gigs on the exclusive job listing sites, why not start small? Sign up for a site with fewer writers. Select a job that you can easily handle and work it on thoroughly. It may not fetch a lot of money, but it is a good start.

  5. Partner up
  6. There are a lot of complementary businesses. For instance, a web designer may need a copywriter. There are some writers who may need an editor. That new business or company needs a blogger for their website/blog. Identifying such opportunities is one proven and successful way of getting a freelance writing job.

  7. Compete for crowd source jobs
  8. This is an ideal strategy for those who love competitions. One benefit of crowd source networks is that it allows organizations and companies to post contents. The best design, logo or business card automatically wins the job.

  9. Using Google alerts to get alerted to new freelance gigs
  10. Google alerts allow registered freelancers to get email notifications whenever new Google searches bring up specific queries searched.

For instance, a query may read “freelance writer needed.” Anytime anyone makes that query on Google search; you will be notified via email. However, in most instances it may be a mixture of advertisements from job networks and company websites.