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Freelance writing tips - hunting for your first job

So you've made the decision that you want to be a freelance writer and you're hunting for your first job. What do you do? Well you don't panic and you don't rush out and apply for every job under the sun. You take your time and get to understand the freelance writing scenario. The more confident you are about the way jobs are advertised and applied for and awarded, and about the type of money and conditions which apply to jobs, the better you will be when hunting for your first job. If you rush in and don't think about things and apply badly and miss out as would possibly be the case, you'll feel downhearted. Remember you are still hunting for your first job. So to make sure your disappointment is low, give yourself every chance to be successful when hunting for your first job. So now you can read about five steps to help you be successful when hunting for your first job.

It makes sense that you join more than one agency. The more agencies you join the more jobs you will see advertised. The more jobs you see advertised the greater your chance of finding one which really and truly suits you. If you make the choice of jobs available as small as possible you may find yourself becoming doubly frustrated because there's nothing you can apply for.

You need to understand that this is a bidding war. It's not necessarily the case that the person who bids the lowest will get the job -- far from it. In fact many employers won't award a job to somebody who charges a very low rate of pay on the assumption that if they're prepared to work for such a small fee the possibility is that the ability matches their payment. But as a beginner in the world of freelance writing, you have to understand that prospective employers will look at your record which is very limited and wonder why you are charging such a high fee for someone who has little or no experience. You might be an experienced writer but as a freelance writer you have no history.

And again as a beginner, as a newbie you should be tackling jobs which are simple. Don't apply for a job which requires you to write the equivalent of War and Peace. Go for a simple job, one you can complete in a reasonably short amount of time and without doing a huge amount of research. Make life easy for yourself.


apply for jobs successful in tackling

Do not make a fundamental mistake of applying for jobs for which you are not qualified. Let's say for argument's sake that this is your first job, you apply for it and you get it. You will be over the moon that you have been successful. But the assumption here is that the task is not suitable for you. You can't do it. You don't have the skills and expertise to safely and seriously be successful in writing this particular job. The consequence will be that the employer will be very unhappy and want you to write it again. The consequence is that you will get a very poor score and a very low rating. So make sure that you only apply for jobs that you can seriously be successful in tackling.

Look for appropriate jobs.

There are many jobs which welcome people who are just starting. They are sometimes called newbies. As this is the first job you are going for then you definitely qualify. Of course it still means that you must make a successful job application and there are ways to improve your response to ads but remember that you are a beginner and you should state a fee accordingly.

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