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A List Of 10 Steady Part-Time Jobs For Freelance Writers

Are you looking for regular jobs for freelancers that are compatible with other everyday’s activities? Fortunately, there are quite a few options regarding tele-working nowadays. In this post, we suggest 10 steady occupations that will provide a regular source of income for you.

  1. Writing jobs. This is arguably the most extended occupation on the freelance market. There is a wide range of branches regarding writing tasks, from essay creation to thesis writing. If you can handle certain documents, you may find this kind of jobs interesting in a short to long-term basis. There are customers who demand articles in a regular basis, as there is a high demand for content nowadays.
  2. Social network management. Provided that social networks are so popular, companies and famous clients require someone to manage the information that moves on their social networks’ profiles. Therefore, they hire freelancers to get in charge of repetitive tasks. In addition, brands use these websites to promote their products.
  3. Programming projects. Another large occupation that encloses many activities. Due to the increasing number of gadgets, the need for software is raising non-stop. There is a lot of work for freelancers who master some programming languages.
  4. App design and development. This occupation could be considered as programming but is so demanded that it deserves its own category. App design is focused on creating software for mobile phones and other gadgets, computers included, according to certain requirements.
  5. Translation. These jobs could be included as part of the writing section but considering that other skills are also involved it is more accurate to have a separated category, as well. If you master another language, this is the niche to show your skill.
  6. Graphic Design. Creating images and graphic content is required in many projects.
  7. Web management. There are freelancers who keep websites working 24/7 by updating the content and solving issues.
  8. Online homework assistance. This is an occupation that is becoming more popular recently as students find a lot of help on the Internet.
  9. Positioning and SEO optimization. This occupation is related with writing jobs but demands other skills in order to make websites appear higher in the search results.
  10. Others. There are other categories that interest clients online. Basically, if you have a skill, you may be able to profit from it on the Net.

To get more information, you may find assistance in this website regarding these part-time occupations.