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Successful Way To Become A Freelance Writer.

How To Find A Rewarding Freelance Writing Job In 4 Steps

  1. 1. Create your profile
  2. Decide whether you want to start on your own or choose a freelance platform for starting your career. Whatever you choose, you need to have a strong profile. This should not merely be a resume but must provide insight for why people should hire you. keep this natural and let people know if you are funny, humorous, romantic, fantasy, fiction, serious, technical or critique writer.

  3. 2. Develop your skills
  4. Even if you think you are one gem of a writer, you always need to practice. There is always a room for improvement in everyone. This does not mean you should doubt your skills but always stay open to learning and keep improving yourself to get better jobs and better payments. The world is full of freelance writers; you need to have an edge over them by having excellent skills.

  5. 3. Build a portfolio
  6. A portfolio is the most important thing especially for a freelance writer. It is easier for companies because they have a brand reputation and liability. However, a freelance writer’s only liability is his profile and reputation. People will rely on you if your portfolio shows high quality work samples and if your existing or past clients are happy with you. Strive to deliver your best so that the clients may recommend you to others. In not only the assigned task, but you also should have excellent communications skills and flexibility to impress your customers and earn great reviews.

  7. 4. Bid on selective jobs
  8. Not every job you come across is worth trying and spending your time on. Some jobs will not match your skills set. If you bid on such a job and the client actually approves your proposal then you will be in trouble. You will have to work extremely hard to create something out of your scope and it still will not be perfect as you are not an expert in that field. Other jobs will be too low budgeted. Remember clients are of all kinds, even students look for freelance writers who can write their academic assignment. Do not waste your time on a job that does not pay you worth your efforts. The client may have his own budget constraints but you have a choice whether or not to accept such a job. Always look for jobs that match your skill set, which you have expertise in and that pay well enough for your efforts.