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In Search Of Highly-Paid Online Freelance Article Writing Jobs

Are you looking for highly paid freelance writing jobs, but thus far are finding it difficult to get a steady stream of clients? Getting the best writing jobs can be a tough task, because the competition is fierce. However, if you know where to look then the odds of getting that highly paid writing job will be higher. With that thought in mind, here are some top tips on how to land a high paying freelance writing job:

Know The Right Places To Search

When searching for a high paying writing gig choosing the correct place to search is just as important as any other factor. Consider the following places before doing anything else:

  • Online magazines: there are a number of online magazines that have a wide following, and are willing to pay a good price for high quality articles. You can apply for such writing jobs by sending them an e-mail, or following their application process, which should be outlined somewhere on their website. However, keep in mind that competition for such writing positions might be fierce.
  • Bidding sites: it is common knowledge that freelance bidding sites have an abundance of very low paying writing jobs. However, if you are patient and keep searching for jobs there, then eventually you’ll find one that pays a very good amount. Just keep in mind that you must have a profile that has a proven track record to get considered by clients who are offering the best jobs on bidding sites.
  • Internet marketing agencies: you could try sending an e-mail out to internet marketing agencies that you can find via the search engines. These services have a large need for content when creating websites for their clients. Some are prepared to pay competitive rates for the content.

Negotiate On The Price

Remember that when you are selling your services, it’s like selling a physical product. If you want to get the best price you’ll need to negotiate. Therefore, if a company offers you a certain amount, you must make a case for why you should get more.

For example, if you have experience in the industry, or have already supplied lots of content successfully for their competitors, then is shows that you are also capable of providing content for them too.