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Composing An Outstanding Freelance Writer's Resume: 5 Helpful Tips

As you may be aware, being successful in the world of freelancing is definitely not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, skills and maybe a bit of luck. However, most factors are controllable and you should definitely do your best to enhance it! For example, your resume should make you shine and attract different customers. Obviously, when you are getting more and more invitations for jobs, you know you are getting better! But this guide is here to help you compose an outstanding resume for your freelance writing career. Here are some tips that you might need:

Your education

This doesn’t mean where you graduated! You need to put in the details of your course as well. Basically, when did you graduate? What did you study? What were your grades? These will give prospective clients a clear idea of what you are skilled at and obviously this will give you better job match as well!


Apart from your education, you are going to need an amazing portfolio that showcases all your previous works in your freelance career. This means you should list out anything that you own the copyright to (really, any work written by you!). By having a great looking portfolio, you will be able to attract clients as well. They will review your previous works and decide whether you are suitable for the jobs or not.

Some clients may even be so impressed by your work that they would give you an increase in pay as well!

No mistakes

That’s the last thing you want in your resume. Any minor errors in your resume will show the client that you are not too detail oriented and this may not be a very good first impression. All you have to do is to go through your resume a few times and make sure it is perfect. If anything, you could get a friend to read it as well!

Be creative

If you are a creative freelance writer, then your creativity should be shown in your resume! You don’t have to stick with the traditional methods of writing your resume. You need to make sure it is presentable and yet it shows your ability to think outside the box!


You are going to need a lot of references if you want to succeed in the freelancing world! Just ask your previous employers or teachers! This should get the job done nicely. It’s pretty simple.

Hopefully this guide is useful to you!