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A Freelance Script Writer : Tips On How To Find A Stable Job

A job as a freelance writer requires hard work, consistency and patience. From among a few dozens or more, if you are chosen then you are fortunate due to your talents and uniqueness.

Here are some useful tips on how to find a stable job as a freelance script writer :

  1. 1. The First Step
  2. To become a scriptwriter, you must be a writer first. You must know where to start, what to write next and where to end. Provide a sense of freedom to your thoughts. Cultivate your ideas and be a little different and original. What you will provide to the client will be your own creation so have the confidence to carry out your job accordingly.

  3. 2. The Next Step
  4. To be noticed, complete your profile with honesty and clarity. What you mention in your profile and how you state your credentials reflects you. Even though you may lack experience as a freelancer, yet clients will accept and provide you jobs because you have verification.

  5. 3. Set Your Goal
  6. As a script writer, you will have instructions to follow, decisions to make and deadlines to meet.It is advisable that you aim accordingly. Proceed one step at a time. Practise and experience comes only if you have patience.

  7. 4. Set Your Protagonist
  8. Every script requires a main character. You must choose your plot’s hero carefully. The ultimate outcome depends mainly on the protagonist. Since the entire story revolves around him, create his character and mould his personality with utmost care.

  9. 5. Main Elements Required
  10. Add various elements in your writing :

    • - The element of laughter brings happiness.
    • - The element of tears brings sadness.
    • - The element of mystery brings fear and curiosity.
    • - The element of misleading brings surprise.

    All these aspects evoke emotions in your audience and bring life to the end product.An emotionless and dull play is considered to be tedious and boring. A play is successful only if you have won the hearts of the audience.

  11. 6. Work Hard
  12. You will have stable and strong job only if you put in your best efforts. Give your project your best shot and make the outcome a little more perfect.

  13. 7. Embrace All Your Attempts
  14. Since you are a freelancer, it might be difficult to define your status among so many others. Even if you do not succeed in your first few attempts, keep trying. To stand on safe ground, you must have self-confidence and a strong will power.